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A Short List of Under-Appreciated Books

5th May 2007

Self-published and independently published gems

Although the large publishing houses usually get the first look at all of the best manuscripts, once in a while one or two escape their notice or pass them by. The books on this page have two things in common: they're all either self-published or published by small, independent companies; and they're all excellent.

Many self-published books sell only a few hundreds copies, if that. Therefore the chances are high that most or all of these books will have escaped your attention. Yet they all deserve a wider readership.

This list is tiny when you consider how many novels are published each year. Many authors languish undiscovered because they don't have the benefit of the marketing clout of the main genre publishers, and often their novels were turned down (or never even submitted) for reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with the quality of their writing. Enjoy these little-known gems:

A Destiny of Fools by Ejner Fulsang 5 star rating

Published by Århus Publishing in 2006, this novel about a world afflicted by sterility was a finalist in the Florida First Coast Writers' Festival.

Cracking Grace by Steven Stromp 4 star rating

This short novel was self-published through Lulu in 2006. It's a poignant yet unusual tale about grief and loss, and one that deserves much more recognition.

To Love a Sagelord by Paul Massey 4 star rating

Published by Transverity, this epic fantasy is the first in a series called The Return to Enlightenment.

Storms of Vengeance by John Beachem 4 star rating

Mundania Press published the first book of The Lorradda Stone. It's a high fantasy epic with an appealing degree of intrigue and mystery. The second book in the series will be The Hunter and the Marked.

Eve by Aurelio O'Brien 4 star rating

Aurelio O'Brien, aka Brian McEntee, is an animator who published his debut novel, Eve, with Authorhouse. The wacky adventures of the robot Pentser and his user, Govil, take place in a far-out far future world which has been genetically altered to serve humanity's every need.

Crossing the Meadow by Kfir Luzzatto 4 star rating

Published in 2003 by Echelon Press, this subtle ghost story was made into a screenplay in 2007. It also won the title of Best Horror Novel in the 2003 Preditors & Editors Readers Poll.

Sunspot by Garth Jones 4 star rating

Published in 2005 by Soft Editions Ltd, which specialises in ebooks, this is a fiesty and violent science fiction novel.