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Undead And Unwed

by Maryjanice Davidson


Betsy Taylor may be unwed, but she isn't about to let that put a crimp in her style. After getting laid off from her secretarial job she manages to get herself killed, but thanks to an attack a few months previous by a group of ravening weirdos, death is not the end.

A former model, Betsy is vain and obsessed with designer gear. In fact she's so vain she would rather die than be seen wearing awful clothes and cheap shoes. But as a vampire she's almost indestructible, and she's even immune to traditional hazards such as crosses, sunlight and holy water. In this respect she's unique amongst her kind.

Adjusting to life as a creature of the night is difficult for the thoroughly modern Betsy. For one thing, she doesn't approve of the dress code. The idea of drinking blood repels her, and pretending to be dead just doesn't suit her. When she meets another group of vampires she's too dumb to keep her mouth shut and tells their leader exactly what she thinks of his B-movie style. This isn't what he wants to hear, and Betsy quickly makes an enemy of an old and powerful vampire.

The heroine also comes to the attention of Sinclair, an attractive yet sinister vampire who has his own reasons for wanting her on his side. But she has no interest in undead politics, nor in taking part in other people's fights. Initially she's more bothered about making her greedy stepmother pay for taking her things and trying to give her a tasteless funeral. Yet, like it or not, she is involved.

Undead And Unwed is frivolous, sexy and fun. Betsy rarely calls anyone the same name twice unless she likes them, and she can be very creative with her insults. It's her irreverent, motormouth dialogue and cynical internal monologue that make this a brisk and cheeky story.

Terror usually takes a back seat as the girly vampire picks up new followers and admirers as well as people who want to see her properly dead. This novel is low on angst but brimming with carefree humour and saucy backchat. It may not change the way anyone things about bloodsuckers or fashion victims, but it will fill a few hours with lighthearted feelgood amusement.

Book Details

Year: 2004

Categories: Books

  Female Protagonist  

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