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Tim Burton

Film Reviews

Dark Shadows cover    

Dark Shadows
3 star rating
Barnabas Collins may be a bloodthirsty vampire, but he always puts his family first.
Released in 2012.

Alice In Wonderland cover    

Alice In Wonderland
4 star rating
An older Alice takes a detour down the rabbit hole in this adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic story.
Released in 2010.

Sleepy Hollow cover    

Sleepy Hollow
4 star rating
Constable Ichabod Crane sets out to solve a series of grisly murders which the locals blame on supernatural causes, in this adaptation of a Washington Irving story.
Released in 1999.

This director has a distinctive style which could be described as "gaudy gothic". His work is often playful, mixing horror, fairy-tales and humour in movies for people of all ages. He often works with Johnny Depp.

Unreviewed films

Batman Returns cover    
Batman Returns
Batman takes on Penguin and Catwoman.

Batman cover    
The caped crusader takes on the Joker.

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