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Terry Gilliam

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The Brothers Grimm cover    

The Brothers Grimm
4 star rating
This is one fairy tale that defies our expectations.
Released in 2005.

Time Bandits cover    

Time Bandits
5 star rating
A boy is entangled in the adventures of a group of robbers who have stolen a map that allows them to travel through time.
Released in 1981.

Terry Gilliam rose to fame as a member of Monty Python. Subsequently he has directed a number of fantasy and science fiction movies, including the acclaimed Brazil. As well as working as a director he is also a prolific screenwriter and actor. Born in the USA, he has British nationality.

Unreviewed films

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen cover    
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
An aristocrat has fantastic adventures whilst trying to save a town from attack by Turkish soldiers.

Brazil cover    
A filing clerk imagines flying to the rescue of the woman of his dreams. However, he struggles to get by in a bureaucratic dystopia, when a computer error puts him in danger.

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