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Tad Williams

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Sleeping Late On Judgement Day cover    

Sleeping Late On Judgement Day
5 star rating
Bobby Dollar has already been to Hell, but his toughest test will come when he takes on a rogue angel who outranks him many times over. The third Bobby Dollar novel.
Released in 2014.

Happy Hour In Hell cover    

Happy Hour In Hell
5 star rating
An angel descends into Hell to retrieve his demonic girlfriend, to find that the torment and monsters are only part of his problems. The second Bobby Dollar novel.
Released in 2013.

The Dirty Streets Of Heaven cover    

The Dirty Streets Of Heaven
4 star rating
An angel gets on the case of a missing soul. The first in the Bobby Dollar series.
Released in 2012.

Otherland : City of Golden Shadow cover    

Otherland : City of Golden Shadow
4 star rating
The first episode in the Otherland series introduces a world of immersive virtual reality.
Released in 1996.


Tailchaser's Song
2 star rating
Fritti Tailchaser is a cat with a quest.
Released in 1985.

Tad Williams is the bestselling writer of the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series. He moved from fantasy to science fiction with his epic virtual reality series, Otherland. His Bobby Dollar series is a witty urban fantasy trilogy with angels and demons.

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