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Stephenie Meyer

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Breaking Dawn cover    

Breaking Dawn
3 star rating
Bella Swan is about to get married, but what kind of life can she expect if she weds a vampire? The fourth in the Twilight series.
Released in 2008.

Eclipse cover    

4 star rating
Bella Swan is about to graduate, but with vampires out for her blood and werewolves after her heart, she has more than finals and college on her mind.
Released in 2007.

New Moon cover    

New Moon
4 star rating
Bella studies Romeo and Juliet whilst two supernatural families square up against each other in Forks in this sequel to Twilight.
Released in 2006.

Twilight cover    

4 star rating
When Bella moves to the small town of Forks she notices Edward Cullen is not like other young men.
Released in 2005.

Stephenie Meyer rose to fame with her Twilight series, which tell the story of vampires, werewolves and young lovers in modern America.She has written in the genres of science fiction and urban fantasy.

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