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Science Fiction Plot Generator

So, you always wanted to write a science fiction novel, but just can't seem to think up a suitable plot? Most of these will be absurd, but they might help to spark some ideas. If the occasional usable one slips through, I'm afraid that can't be helped.

Male Protagonist

Female Protagonist

Here are some plots generated earlier:

A bitter journalist is awaiting execution in a contaminated orbital spaceship. His country is destroyed by a mysterious plant. With the help of a stubborn girl, he must make first contact with a terrifying new race in order to avert disaster and save his own life.

A pretty vampire is investigating a murder in a grand barracks. Her youngest sister is set up by a bloodthirsty time traveller. With the help of an alcoholic sentient fluid, she must choose between long life and integrity in order to avert disaster and save her race from destruction.

A mute hunter is fighting for freedom in a windy town. His city is destroyed by a small singularity. With the help of an optimistic android, he must break solemn oaths in order to avert disaster and save his future.