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Sam Raimi

Film Reviews

Oz The Great And Powerful cover    

Oz The Great And Powerful
3 star rating
James Franco plays a magician who is struggling to convince anyone of his value, when he is swept away to the magical land of Oz.
Released in 2013.

Spider-Man 3 cover    

Spider-Man 3
3 star rating
The third episode of the Spider-Man films finds Peter Parker fighting his own dark side.
Released in 2007.

Spider-Man 2 cover    

Spider-Man 2
4 star rating
The web-slinger gets ready to throw in the red and blue suit.
Released in 2004.

Army Of Darkness: The Medieval Dead cover    

Army Of Darkness: The Medieval Dead
4 star rating
The third film in the Evil Dead series sees Ash trapped in the middle ages and facing off against the forces of evil.
Released in 1993.

Sam Raimi is a prolific American director, actor, screenwriter and producer. Some of his best known work includes films in the Spider-Man and the Evil Dead series.

Unreviewed films

Drag Me To Hell cover    
Drag Me To Hell
A loan officer denies an old lady an extension on her loan, so the angry pensioner curses her. In three days she will be dragged to Hell, unless she can undo it.

Darkman cover    
A scientist is attacked and left for dead, but his discovery of short-lived synthetic skin allows him to take on disguises as he searches for revenge.

Evil Dead II cover    
Evil Dead II
Ash travels to a secluded cabin in the woods with his girlfriend Linda, where they find a tape recording and a Book of the Dead. After unleashing evil spirits they must try to survive the night.

The Evil Dead cover    
The Evil Dead
Five students head to a cabin in the woods where they find a Book of the Dead and accidentally unleash demons which seek to possess people.

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