Science fiction and fantasy

Roland Emmerich

Film Reviews

2012 cover    

1 star rating
People face earthquakes, volcanoes, and the end of days in this apocalyptic disaster movie.
Released in 2009.

The Day After Tomorrow cover    

The Day After Tomorrow
3 star rating
Climate change sparks a series of disastrous weather events, heralding the dawn of a new ice age.
Released in 2004.

Godzilla cover    

2 star rating
Nuclear testing in the Pacific gives rise to a monstrous lizard which lays waste to New York.
Released in 1998.

Independence Day cover    

Independence Day
4 star rating
Enormous alien spaceships arrive on Earth just before the USA is due to celebrate the 4th of July.
Released in 1996.

Stargate cover    

4 star rating
When Dr. Daniel Jackson deciphers the markings on a device found in Egypt, he has no idea how far it will take him.
Released in 1994.

Roland Emmerich's style of big-budget moviemaking involves lots of action, explosions, and the destruction, where possible, of well-known American landmarks.

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