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Robot Quiz

Whether you see them as useful mechanical tools that happen to be more faithful and less messy than a dog, or you're afraid they're plotting to replace humanity, there's no denying that robots are taking over. Better bone up on the little buggers before the robopocalypse, because you can be sure they know all about us. How is your knowledge of droids?

  1. Who voices the robot Sonny in the 2004 film I. Robot, directed by Alex Proyas?
  2. Alan Tudyk
    Anthony Daniels
    Del Spooner

  3. In Douglas Thompson's novel Apoidea, what have died out and been replaced by robots?
  4. Bees

  5. In the 2002 movie Star Trek: Nemesis directed by Stuart Baird, the crew encounter a robot that looks like Data. What do they call him?
  6. B-4

  7. In Lavie Tidhar's novel Camera Obscura, the character Milady de Winter has a pet robot called Grimm. What does it look like?
  8. a cockroach
    a rat
    a spider

  9. In the 2009 film Surrogates with Bruce Willis, how do people control the surrogate versions of themselves?
  10. By downloading copies of their brains into machines
    By typing in instructions that the AI can understand
    Via a high-tech gaming chair

  11. What is the T-1000 model made from in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, directed by James Cameron?
  12. eternium
    intelligent plastic
    a liquid metal alloy

  13. In the movie WALL-E, what companion does the garbage-collecting robot have?
  14. a cockroach
    a lava lamp
    a mole

  15. The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy featured Marvin, a depressive robot android. What does Marvin say he has a brain the size of?
  16. a continent
    a planet
    the solar system

  17. What kind of droid is IG-88 in the film The Empire Strikes Back?
  18. a bounty hunter and assassin
    a protocol droid
    a surgical droid

  19. In Steven Spielberg's AI: Artificial Intelligence why do Monica and Henry Swinton decide to bring home David, a robot child?
  20. their own child is dying of an incurable disease
    they can't have children
    they've been hired to test David for quality control

  21. What colour is Hesperus in Alastair Reynolds' House of Suns?
  22. copper

  23. What organisation does Bender threaten to join in the 2008 movie Futurama: The Beast With A Billion Backs?
  24. the Android Army
    the League of Robots
    the Temperance and Morality Guild

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