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Richard Morgan

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Market Forces cover    

Market Forces
3 star rating
Chris Faulkner is an executive in a cut-throat corporate world where just getting to work can be a matter of life and death.
Released in 2004.

Broken Angels cover    

Broken Angels
4 star rating
The second Takeshi Kovacs book finds out hero hoping that a discovery of alien technology will be his ticket out of a war.
Released in 2003.

Altered Carbon cover    

Altered Carbon
3 star rating
Cyberpunk body-swapping action.
Released in 2001.

Richard Morgan writes hard-boiled science fiction with a heavy dash of cyberpunk. His debut series features Takeshi Kovacs, a man living at a time when death has become no more serious than a change of clothes. He is sometimes credited as Richard K. Morgan.

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