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Richard Wiseman

Book Reviews

Night School cover    

Night School
5 star rating
This book explores the science of sleep and offers tips on becoming a super sleeper.
Released in 2013.

Rip It Up cover    

Rip It Up
5 star rating
An exploration of the psychology of action and its effects on our mood, mindset, and habits.
Released in 2012.

Paranormality cover    

4 star rating
The science behind seeing ghosts, believing psychics, and how brainwashing works.
Released in 2011.

59 Seconds: Think A Little, Change A Lot cover    

59 Seconds: Think A Little, Change A Lot
5 star rating
Professor Richard Wiseman discusses the science around self-help and presents lifestyle advice based on scientific studies.
Released in 2009.

Professor Richard Wiseman is a British author specialising in psychology and popular science. He is also a magician, and was appointed Professor for the Public Understanding of Psychology by the University of Hertfordshire.

Unreviewed books

Quirkology cover    
The science of random, quirky things, focusing on behavioural science.

The Luck Factor cover    
The Luck Factor
This book takes a scientific look at the factors that differentiate lucky people from unlucky ones, and examines what people can do to change their luck.

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