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15th November 2022

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For The Throne poster
For The Throne by Hannah Whitten
4 star rating
A queen is trapped in a magical netherworld as she tries to find a way to defeat the forces that have upended her world, and as she makes an uneasy alliance with a rogue king who brought her there. The second novel in the Wilderwood series.

Unreviewed films

The School For Good And Evil cover
The School For Good And Evil directed by Paul Feig
Best friends Agatha and Sophie arrive at a magical school for future fairy tale heroes and villains, but are each surprised to be assigned to the opposite part of the school that they expected.

The Adam Project cover
The Adam Project directed by Shawn Levy
A fighter pilot goes back in time to his 12 year old self to try to fix problems that make the future he came from a dystopia.

Bigbug cover
Bigbug directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet
In 2045 robots run everything. When they stage a coup, the robots in one home lock the doors to protect the humans inside.

AI Love You cover
AI Love You directed by David Asavanond and Stephan Zlotescu
A young woman struggles with dating, until the AI that controls her building falls for her and takes over the body of an arrogant young man.