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La Revolution: A Series For Our Time
In the television series La Revolution, French aristocrats are afflicted by a mysterious disease, whilst peasants go missing in suspicious circumstances.

15th May 2021

Film and Book Reviews for 2021

Films released in 2021

Afterlife of the Party poster
Afterlife of the Party directed by Stephen Herek
3 star rating
A party animal dies, but she gets the chance to come back and put things right with the people she left behind.
Space Sweepers poster
Space Sweepers directed by Sung-hee Jo
3 star rating
The crew of a spaceship that collects space trash find themselves in trouble when a cute young stowaway arrives. But is she a child, or the deadly robot she is accused of being?

Books published in 2021

Malice poster
Malice by Heather Walter
5 star rating
Alyce is a Dark Grace, tolerated for her magical abilities but reviled by many in the superficial Briar queendom, where an ancient curse condemns princesses to an early grave if they fail to find true love. The first novel in the Malice duology.
Doors Of Sleep poster
Doors Of Sleep by Tim Pratt
4 star rating
Zaxony is condemned to travel to another universe every time he falls asleep, and there is a limit to what and who he can take with him.
For The Wolf poster
For The Wolf by Hannah Whitten
4 star rating
Red enters an enchanted forest because she believes she must sacrifice herself to protect the family and country she has left behind as part of a magical pact. But things are not quite as they seem. The first novel in the Wilderwood series.

In This Year

The author Anne Rice died.

Unreviewed books

Bloodsworn cover
Bloodsworn by Tej Turner
Trouble starts when villagers decide to investigate the fate of those Chosen who have been taken away from them. The first in the Avatars of Ruin series.

Covet The Night cover
Covet The Night by Rebecca Main
Gwen has terminal cancer, so she jumps at the chance of a new life as a vampire. But first she must pass an initiation with the jealous Roux family, navigate the supernatural court, and fend off a handsome undead hybrid who keeps turning up.

A Scribbler Scorns His Station cover
A Scribbler Scorns His Station by Ros Jackson
In 1734 the writer Thomas Laceby is trying to better himself, but a demon has earmarked him for an unnatural experiment, opening up a shadowy world to the unsuspecting scribbler.

Unreviewed films

Don't Look Up cover
Don't Look Up directed by Adam McKay
Two astronomers discover a comet heading to Earth that is likely to destroy humanity. But when they attempt to warn people and get them to act, they face being ignored and ridiculed.

Captain Nova cover
Captain Nova directed by Maurice Trouwborst
A fighter pilot returns to the past to prevent an environmental catastrophe. But time travel also reverses her age, and as a 12 year old she struggles to be taken seriously.