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Film and Book Reviews for 2019

Books published in 2019

How To poster    
How To by Randall Munroe
5 star rating

In this book of popular science and maths, the author explores the answers to absurd questions about practical problems in the real world.
Survivors poster    
Survivors by G. X. Todd
5 star rating

A man wakes in a shallow grave to go on a quest across post-apocalyptic America to find someone at the instruction of a voice in his head. The third part of the Voices series.
A Dream So Dark poster    
A Dream So Dark by L. L. McKinney
4 star rating

Alice Kingston grapples with her fears as her family and friends are drawn into the battles of Wonderland, and a mysterious adversary is raising dark creatures. The second book in the Nightmare Verse series.

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Unreviewed books

Monstress Volume Four: The Chosen cover    
Monstress Volume Four: The Chosen by Marjorie M. Liu and Sana Takeda
After a rift in the sky brings chaos and death, the danger of Monstra such as the one hidden in Maika Halfwolf is revealed. Taken by the mysterious Lord Doctor, Maika learns secrets about herself and her past whilst war looms. A graphic novel.

A Wilderness of Glass cover    
A Wilderness of Glass by Grace Draven
A flute playing seaweed gatherer comes across an injured merman and child on the shore, in this romantic novella. This is a stand-alone story set in the World of the Wraith Kings.

Lady Mechanika Volume 5: La Belle Dame Sans Merci cover    
Lady Mechanika Volume 5: La Belle Dame Sans Merci by Joe Benitez, M. M. Chen, Martin Montiel, and Beth Sotelo
Lady Mechanika is searching for clues to her past when her friend Mr Lewis falls for a mysterious and beautiful woman, and he is gripped by a creative frenzy. A graphic novel.

Unreviewed films

In The Shadow Of The Moon cover    
In The Shadow Of The Moon directed by Jim Mickle
A police officer starts tracking a series of unexplained murders in order to catch a serial killer. But why does the killer resurface every nine years?

Code 8 cover    
Code 8 directed by Jeff Chan
A man with super powers wants to use them to save his mother. But powers are illegal, and those who use them are a suppressed underclass.