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Film and Book Reviews for 2017

Films released in 2017

Beauty And The Beast poster    
Beauty And The Beast directed by Bill Condon
4 star rating

A bookish young woman is taken prisoner in an enchanted castle by a beast. But is he as terrible as he seems?

Books published in 2017

Defender poster    
Defender by G. X. Todd
4 star rating

People everywhere have started hearing voices which urge them towards violence. Pilgrim and Lacey are struggling to survive in a world where even their own thoughts may betray them.
Inheritors Of The Earth poster    
Inheritors Of The Earth by Chris D. Thomas
4 star rating

An examination of the species that are benefitting from rapid environmental changes brought about by mankind, and how they are doing so.

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Unreviewed books

Saga: Volume Seven cover    
Saga: Volume Seven by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
Reunited with her family, Hazel travels to the comet of Phang in order to refuel. There they will make new friends and lose others as war rages on.

Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples cover    
Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples by Saga: Volume Eight
Hazel wishes for a sibling to keep her company as her family flee from planet to planet. Meanwhile their friend Petrichor is hiding painful secrets and memories.

Demon Hunter cover    
Demon Hunter by Mary Abshire
Demons seem to be multiplying, whilst a group of vampires stand as the protectors of humanity. The first in the Divine Justice series.

Unreviewed films

Bright cover    
Bright directed by David Ayer
A human cop is unhappy about being paired with an orc in a Los Angeles filled with magical beings, as they go after a dangerous wand that people will kill to obtain.

Wonder Woman cover    
Wonder Woman directed by Patty Jenkins
Diana, Princess of the Amazons, gets involved in the Great War when a pilot crashes into her island.