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Film and Book Reviews for 2016

Films released in 2016

Moana poster    
Moana directed by Ron Clements and John Musker
5 star rating

A young woman in ancient Polynesia sets off on an epic quest with the demigod Maui to restore her island, against the wishes of her father.
Ghostbusters poster    
Ghostbusters directed by Paul Feig
3 star rating

A group of physicists struggling to prove the existence of ghosts are called upon to save New York from a ghostly invasion.
Rogue One poster    
Rogue One directed by Gareth Edwards
3 star rating

A young woman becomes a reluctant ally of the rebellion when the galactic Empire builds a Death Star. A prequel to the Star Wars film A New Hope.

Books published in 2016

Monstress Volume One: Awakening poster    
Monstress Volume One: Awakening by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda
5 star rating

A teenager searches for answers about herself and her war-torn past, whilst a monster stirs inside her. A graphic novel.
Real Food Fake Food poster    
Real Food Fake Food by Larry Olmsted
5 star rating

The food on your plate may not be what it seems to be. Larry Olmsted examines food fraud and deception, providing a guide that will help you to eat more food that is genuinely healthy and tasty.
Weapons Of Math Destruction poster    
Weapons Of Math Destruction by Cathy O'Neil
5 star rating

Big Data has infiltrated many aspects of our daily lives. But the algorithms that determine our schooling, jobs, insurance, finances, and more may not be as fair or useful as we believe.
Abducted poster    
Abducted by Evangeline Anderson
4 star rating

An ordinary paralegal is transported around the universe by a hunky alien who believes she is very special. Book one of the Alien Mate Index.
As Old As Time poster    
As Old As Time by Liz Braswell
4 star rating

A young woman is held captive by a beast in a cursed castle, whilst trying to untangle what that curse has to do with her family.
Once Upon A Dream poster    
Once Upon A Dream by Liz Braswell
4 star rating

It takes more than the kiss of a prince to wake Sleeping Beauty in this retelling of the Disney version of the tale. Part of the Twisted Tales series.

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Unreviewed books

Paper Girls Volume 1 cover    
Paper Girls Volume 1 by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang
For a group of young paper girls, delivering the news without getting picked on by local teenagers is challenging enough. But alien-like invaders, disappearances and other creepy occurences come to their small town in this graphic novel.

Ninefox Gambit cover    
Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee
A captain is taken from a far-future battlefield in disgrace for using unconventional methods, and offered a challenge in order to redeem herself and save the Hexarchate. The first in the Machineries of Empire trilogy.

Rat Queens Volume Three: Demons cover    
Rat Queens Volume Three: Demons by Kurtis J. Wiebe and Tess Fowler
In the third episode of the Rat Queens series the Queens travel to a mage university in search of answers. A graphic novel.

Spook's: The Dark Army cover    
Spook's: The Dark Army by Joseph Delaney
Humans face a fight for survival against a dark army of beasts. The second novel in the Starblade Chronicles.

Restoration cover    
Restoration by Alexander Larman
A social history focusing on London in the year of the Great Fire of 1666.

Saga: Volume Six cover    
Saga: Volume Six by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
Hazel is being brought up in captivity, whilst her parents cross the universe to find her. The sixth graphic novel in the Saga series.

Dominion cover    
Dominion by John Connolly and Jennifer Ridyard
Earth has been invaded by aliens, and two young people have to learn to trust each other so they can save their worlds. The third novel in the Chronicles of the Invaders.

Death To The Witch-Queen cover    
Death To The Witch-Queen by P. K. Lentz
A talkative and ill-informed troublemaker is rescued from death by a taciturn cyborg, and accompanies her on adventures to save the universe in this steampunk novella.

Symphony Of War cover    
Symphony Of War by Ros Jackson
A group of adventurers have awakened sleeping dragons in their bid to rescue their people, but the price they pay may be war. Book two of the Kaddon Keys series.

Crimson Death cover    
Crimson Death by Laurell K. Hamilton
A vampire hunter travels to Ireland to face a vampire who has kidnapped her friend. The twenty-fifth Anita Blake adventure.

Protected cover    
Protected by Evangeline Anderson
A young woman in an abusive relationship comes to the attention of aliens with designs on her, not all of them noble. The second in the Alien Mate Index series.

Untouchable Lover cover    
Untouchable Lover by Rosalie Redd
Alien races fight for control of Earth and its precious water. The first novel in the Worlds of Lemuria: Earth Colony series.

The Marble Masquerade: Remnants of the Past cover    
The Marble Masquerade: Remnants of the Past by Miriam Rosenbaum
A teenager with money problems despairs when her favourite creepy old mansion is sold, containing a statue she is obsessed with. The first book in The Marble Masquerade series.

Username: Regenerated cover    
Username: Regenerated by Joe Sugg
A young woman pines for a return to a virtual reality world where her friendships felt more solid than those in the real world. This graphic novel is the second in the Username series.

Marrying A Monster cover    
Marrying A Monster by Mel Dunay
A city shopkeeper travels back to the mountain village where she grew up to take part in a ceremonial marriage to a guardian spirit.

Project Hell cover    
Project Hell by Felicity Kates
In a future where humans are on the brink of extinction, a doctor is gifted with a companion robot he does not want.

Wyvern's Mate cover    
Wyvern's Mate by Deborah Cooke
A dragon shifter princess meets her prophesied mate, but if he wants to keep his freedom he must assassinate her. The first in the Dragons of Incendium series.

Caves Of Ice - Caverns Of Fire cover    
Caves Of Ice - Caverns Of Fire by Chogan Swan
A young man goes on a quest to save world from evil. The first novella in the Against That Shining Darkness series.

The Vengeful Half cover    
The Vengeful Half by Jaclyn Dolamore
Olivia and her mother are both hiding from people from the Hidden Lands. When a young man comes to ask for a cure for the blindness curse put on him, they are thrust back into a strange parallel world.

Scarred Beauty cover    
Scarred Beauty by Jennifer Silverwood
A young woman imprisoned within a castle is afflicted by a curse that turns its inhabitants beastly. Book two in the Wylder Tales series.

Stellix cover    
Stellix by L. Danvers
In the future a journalist follows a story about missing people, no matter the risk to her reputation and the trouble it will get her in.

Magic Eclipse cover    
Magic Eclipse by Ella Summers
A mage looks forward to her wedding when a ripple of magic breaks out across San Francisco, fracturing the world, and she finds herself in a new reality where she is the enemy of her intended. The first in the Dragon Born Shadow World series.

Infernal Ties cover    
Infernal Ties by Holly Evans
In a Prague full of elves, lycans, and magic, Evelyn Hawke sets out to find out where her twin has gone. A prequel novella to the Infernal Hunt series.

Trapped On Talonque cover    
Trapped On Talonque by Veronica Scott
A soldier and his crew are captured by a brutal, primitive alien society where they must competefor survival in a deadly game.

Glimmers Of Glass cover    
Glimmers Of Glass by Emma Savant
A fairy godmother is set a task to matchmake a happy ending for someone else, and she will be able to go to college to study biology if she succeeds, leaving the fairy world behind. But something seems ethically wrong about her mission.

Invasion Zombie Apocalypse cover    
Invasion Zombie Apocalypse by M. D. Massey
A combat veteran wakes from a fever to find America overrun with zombies. The first in the THEM series.

Facade cover    
Facade by Alice Sabo
A small undercover team of spacefaring adventurers meet a woman whose psychic connection to one of them overturns all they thought they knew. The first in the Transmutation series.

Sweet Desire cover    
Sweet Desire by Stacy Claflin
A witch estranged from her family and in hiding in an enchanted forest tries to avoid her own murderous coven. But a confrontation may be inevitable.

Mechanical Hearts cover    
Mechanical Hearts by Nicole Blanchard
A young woman decides to hide in a boat when thinigs get too much, and wakes up in an ocean of pirates and mechanical people in this portal fantasy. Part of the multi-author Skeleton Key series.

The Undying King cover    
The Undying King by Grace Draven
Imogen is cursed with a touch fatal to other people, and believes she will never marry. Then she hears a legend of an immortal king living in a hidden land, who may be able to break her curse.

Lady Mechanika Volume 2: The Tablet of Destinies cover    
Lady Mechanika Volume 2: The Tablet of Destinies by Joe Benitez, M. M. Chen, Martin Montiel, and Mike Garcia
In this graphic novel comes to the rescue of a young friend in an adventure that takes her to Africa in search of ancient artifacts.

The Pirate Articles cover    
The Pirate Articles by Lavinia Kiss
A refined woman is taken by pirates and must fight for her heart in this fantasy set on the high seas.

Faerie Fruit cover    
Faerie Fruit by Charlotte E. English
In the town of Berrie, orchards that have lain barren for decades suddenly begin to produce fruit. But the people who eat them are changed in peculiar ways.

Unreviewed films

Dead Sunrise cover    
Dead Sunrise directed by Michal Imielski
A group of friends go on a trip to the woods, only to discover children with hunger for human flesh.

ARQ cover    
ARQ directed by Tony Elliott
In a future ravaged by war and pollution, a couple are caught in a time loop that keeps repeating.