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Film and Book Reviews for 2011

Films released in 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger poster
Captain America: The First Avenger directed by Joe Johnston
4 star rating
In the forties a secret plan to boost the war effort results in the creation of a superhero. But can one person really make a difference?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 poster
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 directed by David Yates
4 star rating
Will Harry survive his confrontation against Voldemort in the final part of his magical adventures?
Cowboys And Aliens poster
Cowboys And Aliens directed by Jon Favreau
3 star rating
The wild west gold rush has attracted more than bandits and cowboys in this alien abduction adventure.
I Am Number Four poster
I Am Number Four directed by D. J. Caruso
3 star rating
Making and keeping friends is hard for a teenage alien on the run.
Beastly poster
Beastly directed by Daniel Barnz
2 star rating
A vain and unpleasant high school student is cursed with ugliness in this modern interpretation on Beauty and the Beast.
Source Code poster
Source Code directed by Duncan Jones
2 star rating
A man is forced to relive eight minutes on a train that will blow up again and again, until he can solve the crime.
Green Lantern poster
Green Lantern directed by Martin Campbell
2 star rating
Can a shiny green costume help failed pilot Hal Jordan find his inner hero?
Thor poster
Thor directed by Kenneth Branagh
2 star rating
The god of thunder is cast down to Earth to learn a little humility.

Books published in 2011

Miss Peregrine
Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
5 star rating
Jacob stopped believing the stories his grandfather told him a long time ago. But what if the old man's fables had a grain of truth to them?
Debris poster
Debris by Jo Anderton
5 star rating
When a fall destroys her latest grand project, magical architect Tanyana feels like she has lost everything.
Dead Bad Things poster
Dead Bad Things by Gary McMahon
5 star rating
People are wicked enough, without rogue interdimensional angels putting their oar in. The second Thomas Usher novel.
Restoration poster
Restoration by Guy Adams
5 star rating
Can a group of stranded time travellers fix history and recapture an ancient evil being capable of destroying the world? The sequel to The World House.
Cold Fire poster
Cold Fire by Kate Elliott
5 star rating
Cat and her cousin Bee are on the run from those who want to use their abilities for their own ends, and those who would destroy them. The second novel in the Spiritwalker series.
The Enterprise Of Death poster
The Enterprise Of Death by Jesse Bullington
5 star rating
A story of necromancy, warfare and painting in Renaissance Europe.
Further Conflicts poster
Further Conflicts by Ian Whates
5 star rating
Thirteen stories of future warfare as humanity faces all manner of threats.
The Information poster
The Information by James Gleick
5 star rating
An eclectic account of the history of communications.
Bloody War poster
Bloody War by Terry Grimwood
5 star rating
London is transformed into a war zone in this chilling story of modern conflict.
The Last Four Things poster
The Last Four Things by Paul Hoffman
5 star rating
Thomas Cale is supposed to be the Angel of Death, but will he give the Redeemers the destruction they crave? The sequel to The Left Hand of God.
The New North: The World In 2050 poster
The New North: The World In 2050 by Laurence C. Smith
5 star rating
Will rising population and temperatures and thawing permafrost lead to a future dominated by bustling northern cities?
God’s War poster
God’s War by Kameron Hurley
5 star rating
A government-sponsored assassin finds herself in trouble when she breaks too many rules. But she is the one the queen turns to in order to track down a dangerous alien.
Harbinger of the Storm poster
Harbinger of the Storm by Aliette de Bodard
5 star rating
The Revered Speaker has died, and the High Priest for the Dead must keep order so that his successor has an empire left to rule over. The second book in the Obsidian and Blood series.
Johannes Cabal: The Fear Institute poster
Johannes Cabal: The Fear Institute by Jonathan L. Howard
5 star rating
The acid-tongued necromancer journeys to the Dreamlands and takes on ghouls, gods, and furry menaces with a society who want to defeat fear itself.
Angelfall poster
Angelfall by Susan Ee
5 star rating
When a teenager's little sister is abducted by angels, she sets out on a journey across an apocalyptic wasteland to retrieve her. Book one in the Penryn and the End of Days series.
Allison Hewitt Is Trapped poster
Allison Hewitt Is Trapped by Madeleine Roux
5 star rating
A young woman hides from marauding zombies, knowing that eventually she must leave her place of safety and confront them.
A Serpent Uncoiled poster
A Serpent Uncoiled by Simon Spurrier
5 star rating
Dan Shaper sees visions of his own corruption. He is forced to confront his guilty past when a killer starts picking off victims in this crime novel.
The Viral Storm poster
The Viral Storm by Nathan D. Wolfe
5 star rating
A look at the world of viruses, and the struggle to detect, track, and prevent viral pandemics.
Paranormality poster
Paranormality by Richard Wiseman
4 star rating
The science behind seeing ghosts, believing psychics, and how brainwashing works.
Master Of The House Of Darts poster
Master Of The House Of Darts by Aliette De Bodard
4 star rating
The High Priest has to solve the mystery of a magical plague whilst a dangerously paranoid Revered Speaker rules. The third book in the Obsidian and Blood series.
iZombie: Dead To The World poster
iZombie: Dead To The World by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred
4 star rating
Gwen needs to eat brains to keep her zombie side in check. But every time she indulges her craving she absorbs the unfinished business of the deceased. A graphic novel.
Phoenix Rising poster
Phoenix Rising by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris
4 star rating
Armoured corsets and steampunk style abound in the adventures of agents Books and Braun. The first Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences novel.
Queen of Kings poster
Queen of Kings by Maria Dahvana Headley
4 star rating
What if Cleopatra became an immortal monster?
Roil poster
Roil by Trent Jamieson
4 star rating
How do you hold back the end of a world when most of it is an inferno?
The Butterfly Man And Other Stories poster
The Butterfly Man And Other Stories by Paul Kane
4 star rating
This collection of short urban horror stories features pet demons, blood plagues, a dark apocalypse and rebellious body parts.
The Epigenetics Revolution poster
The Epigenetics Revolution by Nessa Carey
4 star rating
DNA is not the whole story. This book examines how cells know which genes to activate and what that tells us about disease, inheritance and biology.
The Night Eternal poster
The Night Eternal by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan
4 star rating
The last remnants of mankind battle to defeat the vampire plague whilst staying true to their humanity. The third part of The Strain trilogy.
The Steampunk Bible poster
The Steampunk Bible by Jeff Vandermeer and S. J. Chambers
4 star rating
This guide covers the creative side of steampunk, including literature, fashion, art, music, and much more.
The Straight Razor Cure poster
The Straight Razor Cure by Daniel Polansky
4 star rating
The Warden has fallen from war hero to criminal, but he will not stand for the murder of a child on his patch.
The Watchers poster
The Watchers by Jon Steele
4 star rating
A young man with a limp, a prostitute and a private investigator with amnesia fight to keep darkness from engulfing the world.
666 Charing Cross Road poster
666 Charing Cross Road by Paul Magrs
4 star rating
Shelley thinks the man she wants to move in with is entirely right for her. She's mistaken.
Angelfire poster
Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton
4 star rating
Ellie Monroe believes she is an ordinary teenager who has weird nightmares, until she meets a man who can tell her who she really is.
Apoidea poster
Apoidea by Douglas Thompson
4 star rating
In a world without real bees, who will control their robot replacements?
Automatic Safe Dog poster
Automatic Safe Dog by Jet McDonald
4 star rating
Telby Velour is an executive who wants to prove himself to the woman of his dreams. But how long can he pretend to be something he isn't?
Chasing The Moon poster
Chasing The Moon by A. Lee Martinez
4 star rating
A woman tackles Lovecraftian horrors, odd neighbours and strange appetites when she moves into a suspiciously nice new flat.
Divergent poster
Divergent by Veronica Roth
4 star rating
A young woman has to choose between her family and being true to the kind of person she knows she really is.
Electrified Sheep poster
Electrified Sheep by Alex Boese
4 star rating
A look at some of the stranger experiments carried out in the name of science.
Ember and Ash poster
Ember and Ash by Pamela Freeman
4 star rating
Ember is prepared to put political gain before her own personal happiness. But can she really shut out her feelings so easily?
Inflight Science poster
Inflight Science by Brian Clegg
4 star rating
This book examines the science behind flying, from check in at the airport to touch down.
Hateful Heart poster
Hateful Heart by Sam Stone
4 star rating
A group of vampires travel back in time to protect themselves from a supernatural weapon. The fourth in the Vampire Gene series.
Fire and Thorns poster
Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson
4 star rating
A fat princess bears a mystical stone that marks her out as the chosen one. But is she up to the challenge of fighting sorcery?
Feather poster
Feather by David Rix
4 star rating
A young woman tries to make sense of her life in this collection of linked short stories tinged with the supernatural.
Equations of Life poster
Equations of Life by Simon Morden
4 star rating
The London Metrozone is being torn apart by warring gangs and the New Machine Jihad. Can a young man with a bad heart save the city?
Physics Of The Future poster
Physics Of The Future by Michio Kaku
3 star rating
An examination of how science could shape the world of 2100, and how it can help us to predict the near future.
Cosmos Close-Up poster
Cosmos Close-Up by Giles Sparrow
3 star rating
A view of the universe, as revealed by space telescopes and other modern technology.
The Christmas Spirits poster
The Christmas Spirits by Whitley Strieber
3 star rating
In this modern retelling of A Christmas Carol George Moore is a futures trader who has forgotten the importance of generosity and compassion.
Kultus poster
Kultus by Richard Ford
3 star rating
Steampunk occult mayhem as thug with demonic powers takes on cultists, otherworldly adversaries and anyone else unwise enough to get in his way.
Camera Obscura poster
Camera Obscura by Lavie Tidhar
3 star rating
In this steampunk fantasy Milady de Winter investigates a gruesome murder inside a locked room in Paris.
Black Light poster
Black Light by Patrick Melton, Marcus Dunstan and Stephen Romano
3 star rating
Ghost hunter Buck Carlsbad faces off against evil on a high speed train.
Avenger's Angel by Heather Killough-Walden
3 star rating
An archangel tries to win over his archess in this raunchy modern day fantasy.
Knocking On Heaven
Knocking On Heaven's Door by Lisa Randall
3 star rating
From particle physics on the tiniest scales to the most awe-inspiring cosmology, and modern experiments that could be on the verge of cracking open the secrets of the universe.
The Silver Wind poster
The Silver Wind by Nina Allan
3 star rating
Do you ever wish you could alter time? Nina Allan explores themes of grief, love and family secrets in this collection of five linked stories.
Mistification poster
Mistification by Kaaron Warren
3 star rating
His magic is real. But how long can Marvo the Magician keep everyone fooled with his illusions?
iZombie: uVampire poster
iZombie: uVampire by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred
3 star rating
Gwen realises how much she has forgotten as a zombie after she eats a brain that holds memories that are uncomfortably close to home. This graphic novel is the second volume in the iZombie series.
A Discovery of Witches poster
A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness
3 star rating
Diana Bishop is determined to keep magic out of her life when she discovers an old, enchanted book full of secrets and hidden text.
Dragon's Time by Anne and Todd McCaffrey
2 star rating
Will time travel provide the answer for the dragons and dragonriders of Pern in their continuing battle against Thread?
Bricks poster
Bricks by Leon Jenner
2 star rating
The story of a humble bricklayer. Or is he the reincarnation of an ancient Druid who was the architect of something much bigger?

In This Year

The author Anne McCaffrey died.

Unreviewed books

Thinking, Fast and Slow cover
Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
An investigation into how we make decisions, and many of the psychological reasons that our clarity of thought can be improved or degraded. This book looks at the science behind thinking.

The Finder Library: Volume One cover
The Finder Library: Volume One by Carla Speed McNeil
A troubled young man with special powers tries to protect his adoptive family in a far future world where our civilisation is merely an echo.

Ghost Story cover
Ghost Story by Jim Butcher
The thirteenth novel in the Dresden Files series.

Inheritance cover
Inheritance by Christopher Paolini
The fourth novel in the Inheritance cycle.

Among Thieves cover
Among Thieves by Douglas Hulick
The first novel in the Tales of the Kin.

The Doomsday Code cover
The Doomsday Code by Alex Scarrow
The third novel in the Time Riders series.

The Eternal War cover
The Eternal War by Alex Scarrow
The fourth novel in the Time Riders series.

Jack Cloudie cover
Jack Cloudie by Stephen Hunt
The fifth book in the Jackelian series.

The Witching Pen cover
The Witching Pen by Dianna Hardy
A young witch will face terrible consequences if she sleeps with a man in this romantic fantasy novella. The first book in The Witching Pen.

Howl cover
Howl by Jody Morse and Jayme Morse
A young woman finds her life changed after she is bitten by a werewolf. The first novel in the Howl series.

Dead Reckoning cover
Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris
Sookie is in danger when an old enemy is released from jail and attacks take place at her home and place of work. The eleventh Sookie Stackhouse novel.

Dragon Stones cover
Dragon Stones by Kristian Alva
The tyrannical Emperor Vosper wants to eradicate all dragons. A young man finds a dragon stone, but to save the dragon race first he must escape the authorities. Book one of the Dragon Stone Saga.

Verity cover
Verity by Claire Farrell
A high school student gets the sense she is being followed, whilst a hot new boy and wild animal sightings distract her. The first novel in the Cursed series.

Demon Hunting In Dixie cover
Demon Hunting In Dixie by Lexi George
A florist is taken by surprise when an immortal with no understanding of metaphors comes into her small southern town, accompanied by a demon that has her marked for death. The first in the Demon Hunting series.

The Last Nightfall cover
The Last Nightfall by William Hussey
The Demon Father is in control of the United Kingdom, poised to destroy mankind. Young Jake is determined to prevent that. The third book in the Witchfinder series.

Gallows At Twilight cover
Gallows At Twilight by William Hussey
A Demon Father is on the loose in the world, causing mayhem and preparing for war. The second book in the Witchfinder series.

Fool Moon: Volume One cover
Fool Moon: Volume One by Jim Butcher and Chase Conley
Harry Dresden investigates werewolf attacks in Chicago. A graphic novel in The Dresden Files series.

Unreviewed films

Paul cover
Paul directed by Greg Mottola
A couple of science fiction fans are travelling to Comic-Con when they come across a small alien who is trying to escape federal agents.

Breaking Dawn: Part I cover
Breaking Dawn: Part I directed by Bill Condon
In this vampire and werewolf story, Bella falls pregnant but develops serious health problems as her baby grows unnaturally quickly. The fourth film in the Twilight Saga.