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A castle in a lightning storm.


Malice cover

Malice by Heather Walter

5 star rating
Released in 2021
Alyce is a Dark Grace, tolerated for her magical abilities but reviled by many in the superficial Briar queendom, where an ancient curse condemns princesses to an early grave if they fail to find true love. The first novel in the Malice duology.

5th September 2023

Survivors cover

Survivors by G. X. Todd

5 star rating
Released in 2019
A man wakes in a shallow grave to go on a quest across post-apocalyptic America to find someone at the instruction of a voice in his head. The third part of the Voices series.

9th August 2019

Spectred Isle cover

Spectred Isle by K. J. Charles

5 star rating
Released in 2017
In 1923 a sceptical archaeologist looks into occult happenings around London, only to get caught up in more danger than he bargained for. The first in the Green Men series.

9th May 2020

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A spaceship that looks like a moth. Image credit: Ros Jackson/Stable Diffusion.

Science fiction

All Systems Red cover

All Systems Red by Martha Wells

5 star rating
Released in 2017
A rogue security android with a fear of human interaction is embroiled in a crisis when things go badly wrong for a peaceful scientific mission. The first novella in the Murderbot series.

28th February 2020

Saga: Volume Three by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

5 star rating
Released in 2014
New parents from opposing sides of a conflict hide out in a lighthouse, but their pursuers are on their trail. A graphic novel.

2nd June 2014

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 by Francis Lawrence

5 star rating
Released in 2014
Katniss must choose between sparking a rebellion against the repressive Capitol, or laying low in an attempt to protect those she loves who the Capitol still holds hostage. The third film in The Hunger Games.

7th December 2014

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Happy Hour In Hell cover

Happy Hour In Hell by Tad Williams

5 star rating
Released in 2013
An angel descends into Hell to retrieve his demonic girlfriend, to find that the torment and monsters are only part of his problems. The second Bobby Dollar novel.

26th May 2017

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To Dye For cover

To Dye For by Alden Wicker

5 star rating
Released in 2023
An examination of the impact the dyes, preservatives, surface treatments and other chemicals in our clothes have on our health and on the environment, and what we can do about it.

3rd August 2023

A Brief History Of Everyone Who Ever Lived by Adam Rutherford

5 star rating
Released in 2016
The story of what our genetics can tell us abour ourselves and where we came from, and the limitations of this modern science at the time of writing.

22nd July 2023

Real Food Fake Food by Larry Olmsted

5 star rating
Released in 2016
The food on your plate may not be what it seems to be. Larry Olmsted examines food fraud and deception, providing a guide that will help you to eat more food that is genuinely healthy and tasty.

21st November 2019

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Young adult

Moana cover

Moana by Ron Clements and John Musker

5 star rating
Released in 2016
A young woman in ancient Polynesia sets off on an epic quest with the demigod Maui to restore her island, against the wishes of her father.

29th December 2016

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Empire State cover

Empire State by Adam Christopher

5 star rating
Released in 2012
Superheroes, robots and strange memory blocks baffle a private eye in this retro mystery.

30th December 2011

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