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Random Book Quiz

Otto the steampunk plushie.    
This quiz changes each time you do it, and it will get more varied as more reviews and book listings are added to the website. Try your hand, and Otto will rate your knowledge.

1. What decade did these books come out?

Camera Obscura cover    

Camera Obscura by Lavie Tidhar
In this steampunk fantasy Milady de Winter investigates a gruesome murder inside a locked room in Paris.

Kultus cover    

Kultus by Richard Ford
Steampunk occult mayhem as thug with demonic powers takes on cultists, otherworldly adversaries and anyone else unwise enough to get in his way.

Thinking, Fast and Slow cover    
Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
An investigation into how we make decisions, and many of the psychological reasons that our clarity of thought can be improved or degraded. This book looks at the science behind thinking.

The Finder Library: Volume One cover    
The Finder Library: Volume One by Carla Speed McNeil
A troubled young man with special powers tries to protect his adoptive family in a far future world where our civilisation is merely an echo.


2. What decade was this book first released?


Assassin's Quest by Robin Hobb
In the conclusion to the Farseer Trilogy Fitz has to escape his corrupt uncle and save the Six Duchies Kingdom.

It was the same decade The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman was first released.


3. Name the title of this book.

This fantasy book by Anne Bishop was published in 2007. It has a female protagonist.

The second novel in the Ephemera series focuses on the rogue landscaper Belladonna.


4. Name the title of this book.

This bleak fantasy book by G. X. Todd was published in 2019. This is a book for mature readers. It features a male main character.

A man wakes in a shallow grave to go on a quest across post-apocalyptic America to find someone at the instruction of a voice in his head. The third part of the Voices series.


5. Name the author from the description

This author writes historical fantasy novels and science fiction and fantasy short stories.

Their books include the following titles:

Master Of The House Of Darts
On A Red Station, Drifting
Harbinger of the Storm


6. Name the author of the following book

The Incredible Unlikeliness Of Being
This author looks at the amazing journey of human development and why our bodies have evolved in the way they have.

This optimistic intellectual science book was published in 2014.


7. Which genre best suits the following books?

The Amber Spyglass cover    
The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman

The Subtle Knife cover    
The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman

The Crystal Cave cover    
The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart

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