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Rachel Caine

Book Reviews

The Dead Girls    

The Dead Girls' Dance
4 star rating
Claire Danvers dislikes vampires, but finds vampire hunters an even scarier breed. The second in the Morganville Vampires series.
Released in 2007.

Glass Houses cover    

Glass Houses
4 star rating
Claire Danvers is worried about missing class. But in a town full of vampires she has more to fear than bad grades and parental disapproval.
Released in 2006.

Chill Factor cover    

Chill Factor
4 star rating
A teenager in Las Vegas has the strongest Djinn in the world in his power, and is causing chaos. The third of the Weather Wardens series.
Released in 2005.

Heat Stroke cover    

Heat Stroke
5 star rating
In the second book in the Weather Wardens series, Joanne Baldwin faces a threat that could destroy the Djinn.
Released in 2004.

Ill Wind cover    

Ill Wind
5 star rating
The first book in the Weather Wardens series.
Released in 2003.

Rachel Caine created The Weather Warden series, and the Morganville Vampires series for young adult readers.

Unreviewed books

Firestorm cover    
The weather is out of control, Djinn are in rebellion, and Mother Nature is poised to bring about the end of humanity. The fifth novel in the Weather Warden series.

Windfall cover    
Former weather warden Joanne Baldwin is out of power, her Djinn lover is turning into a monster, and a supernatural war is imminent. The fourth in the Weather Warden series.

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