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Can you tell these books by (part of) their cover?

A difficult science fiction quiz on Stranger Views.

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General SFF Quiz 1
This quiz is fairly difficult, and it will test your knowledge of genre books and films. It's the first of a series.
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This medium difficulty quiz tests your knowledge of aliens in films and books. There's a badge if you get all the answers right.

This quiz features all kinds of cute, sinister and strange droids. Difficulty: medium.

Fantasy Novels of the '00s
The first decade of the new millennium offered a treasure trove of new stories for fantasy readers. Are you an expert?

Space Novels of the '00s
Other worlds, alien races, and the vastness of outer space have always been a rich mine for science fiction writers. But do you know your Alsist from your Eris?

Science Fiction Films of the '90s
How well do you remember the decade that gave us Terminator II and Galaxy Quest? Somewhat fiendish.

Test your knowledge of hairy shapeshifters in fiction, film and TV.

Science Fiction Books
Quite a tough set of questions on science fiction literature.

Science Fiction Films
Fiendish questions on science fiction movies.

Fantasy Books Quiz
These questions on fantasy literature are fairly tough.

Fantasy Films
Find out how your knowledge of fantasy movies ranks.

YA Books
Test your knowledge of books in the Young Adult category.

Dragon Quiz
How much do you know about the fire-breathing beasts of legend?

Author Quiz
What do you know about the people who write fantasy and science fiction?

Test your knowledge of Joss Whedon's quirky science fiction TV series. This one isn't too tough.

Dark Angel
Quiz questions are based on series I and II, so there are a couple of spoilers about the first series.

The Lord of the Rings
Most of the questions can be answered by watching The Fellowship of the Ring

Based on the first four series.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Crossword
Another general crossword, more fantasy based. The answer is available every weekend.

SF and Fantasy Crossword
A general crossword. The answer is available every pm.

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