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Personalised Book Recommendations

Tell me what you like to read and I'll tailor a recommendation just for you, based on the books I've reviewed.

1. What genre do you want to read?

Alternate history/steampunk
Popular science
Science fiction
I don't know, surprise me!

2. Would you prefer something modern or classic?

I fancy something retro
Something from this century
As modern as you can find
No preference

3. How much sex and violence do you like in literature?

None, and I want a book suitable for children or young adults
I don't like books with too much violence or sex
I like it raunchy and/or gory
No preference

4. What about the feelgood factor?

I want something cheerful and fluffy
I feel like a gritty, hard-hitting tale
No preference

5. How difficult should the text be?

I prefer stories that are accessible and easy to understand
I'm after something that will challenge me intellectually
No preference

6. Do you want to read about a male or female main character?

No preference

7. Do you want my star ratings to influence this recommendation?

Yes, take them into account
No, I usually disagree with your star ratings

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