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Paul Magrs

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666 Charing Cross Road cover    

666 Charing Cross Road
4 star rating
Shelley thinks the man she wants to move in with is entirely right for her. She's mistaken.
Released in 2011.


Hell's Belles
4 star rating
Weird things happen when a film crew come to Whitby to remake a cursed horror movie. The fourth Brenda and Effie mystery.
Released in 2010.

The Bride That Time Forgot cover    

The Bride That Time Forgot
5 star rating
Brenda and Effie fall out over men in this blackly comic tale of witches, vampires and book groups.
Released in 2010.

Paul Magrs writes comic horror in the form of the Brenda and Effie series of novels, set in Whitby. He is also one of the founders of the Green Carnation literary prize.

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Paul Magrs was at Headline Meets Online on March 24th 2010.

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