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These are the most recent posts about SFF and bookish news, as well as opinions, rants, and other stuff.

La Revolution: A Series For Our Time
In the television series La Revolution, French aristocrats are afflicted by a mysterious disease, whilst peasants go missing in suspicious circumstances.
15th May 2021

Random Book Quiz
Test your knowledge of speculative fiction books in this random quiz, which features a different set of questions every time you do it.
23rd May 2020

Pandemic Reading
As the Covid pandemic rages, it has affected the way we read in a number of ways.
15th April 2020

Spanish Language Shows On Netflix To Look Out For
A selection of Spanish language fantasy and science fiction series that are available in March 2020.
7th March 2020

Reading Resolutions For The New Decade
Here are seven reading resolutions suitable for the 2020s.
29th December 2019

Mastodon For SFF Fans
Where to go in the Fediverse to find the best speculative fiction and literary discussions.
30th December 2017

Nine Political Books That Change The Conversation
Following news that Simon and Schuster plan to publish an inflammatory commentator, here are nine political books that deserve more attention.
30th December 2016

Penguin Random House Withdraws Union Recognition
Penguin Random House have decided not to recognise Unite and the NUJ as a result of staff negotiations, leaving the publisher with a stain on its reputation as an employer.
20th December 2016

Authors Support Stop Funding Hate
Some authors have had enough of divisive and xenophobic elements in the British press, and are willing to make an ethical stand.
16th November 2016

Over 100 Bargain SFF Books For November
A large number of speculative fiction novels went on sale for the first weekend of November.
5th November 2016

Women In SFF: Indie Edition
A list of indie and self-published women writing in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other speculative fiction genres.
19th October 2016

Symphony of War Declared
The second novel in the Kaddon Keys series is available in ebook.
10th October 2016