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Spanish Language Shows On Netflix To Look Out For
A selection of Spanish language fantasy and science fiction series that are available in March 2020.
7th March 2020

Who Reviews What In 2013
A chart of the sub-genre preferences of prominent speculative fiction book bloggers reviewing in 2013.
27th January 2013

The Best Books Of 2012
A list of some of the outstanding releases of 2012.
24th December 2012

Who Reviews What In 2012
A chart of the sub-genre preferences of a number of prominent SFF book bloggers writing reviews in 2012.
9th July 2012

The Best Books Of 2011
My choice of the best genre reading of 2011.
24th December 2011

10 Years of Warpcore SF
Celebrating 10 years of blogging with a look at the best of the best from the past.
6th September 2011

Top 10 Cheerful, Bleak, Highbrow and Accessible YA Books
The best books, listed according to various qualities.
7th December 2010

Top 10 Lists: Books
Top rated authors and books by genre and date.
4th April 2009

A Short List of Under-Appreciated Books
A list of some of some books that have slipped under the radar.
5th May 2007

Amazon Finally Makes KU Appealing For Novelists
The new per-page payout for the Kindle Unlimited subscription service makes it a much better deal for authors of longer novels.
18th July 2015

Thoughts On The Sieghart Report On Libraries
The Sieghart report on libraries missed its mark by miles. Yet the real cause of the decline of the UK library network is depressingly obvious.
28th December 2014

A Shout-Out For The Good Guys
When nastiness dominates online conversations about books it is time to appreciate the well-behaved authors.
24th October 2014

Critique Circle: Shaping Fabulous Stories
The appeal of a certain writing critique website. Or, why I have neglected this blog.
4th September 2014

A List Of Highly Acclaimed SFF Books
Some of these books won awards, others were nominated for significant ones. These are the best of the books I didn't get around to reviewing.
18th June 2014

Where Shall I Point This Pitchfork?
Some thoughts on Jonathan Ross, Loncon, and the twitchfork mob.
3rd March 2014

Reading Is Not A Race
Why I will be abandoning annual reading challenges in 2014.
1st January 2014

WFC 2013
Impressions from the World Fantasy Convention held in Brighton in 2013.
8th November 2013

What Book Discovery Is Missing
The current state of book discovery is narrowing our reading choices and squeezing out midlist writers. How can it be fixed?
17th October 2013

An Explosion Of Discovery Tools
New book discovery engines are popping up all over the web. But which ones will come out on top?
16th September 2013

Blog Tours From Both Sides
Blog tours are the lastest marketing fad. But what are the pros and cons of this kind of publicity?
13th August 2013

Threat Of Massive Closures To Lincolnshire Libraries
Lincolnshire County Council plan to shut down two thirds of Lincolnshire libraries, and to slash mobile library services. They must be stopped.
29th July 2013

An Excerpt From Along The Watchtower
Read an excerpt of Along The Watchtower by David Litwack, a portal fantasy that mixes a prince struggling to save his magical kingdom and an injured veteran of the Iraq war.
24th July 2013

It's Not Your Story Any More
When a book is published, authors lose control over how the story should be read. They should let go the reins and enjoy the ride.
15th July 2013

The BFS Award Nominations, And A Hiatus
This is possibly the best kind of jury duty there is.
20th June 2013

Same Old, Same Old
Are current methods of book discovery pushing us further away from original literature?
5th June 2013

Female Protagonists In Genre Fiction
A list of recommended SFF books for adults which feature a female as the main character.
10th May 2013

On My Radar In April
A look at some notable forthcoming and recently released science fiction and fantasy books.
26th April 2013

The Black Feathers Book Trailer
Crows. Can they be trusted not to eat your eyeballs in this creepy post-apocalyptic book trailer?
9th April 2013

Is This The End Of Sweeping Vistas?
Do recent trends in fantasy art styles and the constraints of online book discovery mark the decline of landscape cover art?
17th February 2013

FantasyCon 2012
The annual convention of the BFS at Brighton was the first convention to feature a dance-off between Joe Abercrombie and Tom Pollock. It may not be the last.
3rd October 2012

A Rising Tide Floats All Boats
Authors: stop thinking of other writers as your rivals. They're not the enemy.
30th July 2012

Reviews Are Useless Without Context
With so many review blogs, quick ways of understanding their authors are more important than ever.
4th July 2012

Great Scriptwriters: Sometimes Overlooked, Always Vital
Sometimes it seems like the only way to get known as a scriptwriter is to do something else entirely.
3rd July 2012

The Going Rate For Fake Reviews
Now you can buy your way to critical success, at least until you get caught.
12th June 2012

How To Remain An Obscure Book Blogger
Fed up of all those visitors? Follow this one weird tip!
30th May 2012

The In-Between Musical
A new fantasy musical concept album launches, but will Laura Tisdall get to put it on the stage?
28th March 2012

The Chainmail Bikini Has Already Been Filled
Examining the scarcity of female screen roles in science fiction and fantasy.
21st March 2012

Where Are All The Women?
Genre fiction is full of sassy, strong heroines used to taking the lead, isn't it? Actually, they're rarer than you think.
18th March 2012

SFF Imprints Launching
Berkley UK will debut, and Elsewhen Press is to expand into print.
24th February 2012

Filthy, Icky Vampires: Disgust In Immortal Horror
What role does disgust play in making horror worthy of the name?
17th February 2012

Book Bloggers See Red, But What About Green?
Book bloggers, publishers, and the wastefulness of unread review copies.
17th December 2011

Spotlight on Eibonvale Press
Why you should be reading more from this unconventional indie imprint.
7th December 2011

Book Trailers November 2011
Trailers from Richard Morgan, Julie Kagawa, Joseph Delaney and more.
22nd November 2011

Novacon 41
The 41st Novacon convention, held in Nottingham, featured John Meaney as Guest of Honour.
16th November 2011

Death Star Pumpkin
That's no pumpkin, that's a space station.
27th October 2011

Reign of the Ancients
Why the past has such a strong hold on our imaginations.
20th October 2011

Book Trailers October 2011
Trailers from Amy Garvey, Patrick Carman, Ben H. Winters and more.
4th October 2011

Book Trailers September 2011
Trailers from Max Barry, Brent Weeks, Jeaniene Frost and more.
3rd September 2011

When Book Trailers Go Wrong
Some of the most awful book trailers on the internet.
6th July 2011

The Epic of Gilgamesh
Why this ancient legend is ripe for reinterpretation.
18th May 2011

Lincoln Book Festival 2011
YA authors in costume, steamy paranormal romance, and eye-popping visual appeal from the 2011 Lincoln Book Festival.
14th May 2011

Eastercon 2011
Pictures from the 62nd Illustrious Eastercon at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham.
27th April 2011

A Traitor To The Sisterhood
Why aren't men and women equally represented in science fiction and fantasy literature?
26th April 2011

Genre for Japan
The science fiction, fantasy and horror community is rallying in support of the people of Japan hit by the devastating earthquake and tsunami and its aftermath.
23rd March 2011

An Interview With John Beachem
John riffs on zombies, trilogies and his plans for The Lorradda Stone, and the Dumbledore and Gandalf deathmatch in this interview.
8th January 2011

Hold That Pyre!
Should we read authors we disagree with?
7th December 2010

British Fantasy Awards 2010
Pictures and results from the award ceremony of the British Fantasy Society.
20th September 2010

On Torrents
Why piracy will make modern literature bland and unadventurous.
2nd June 2010

The Heady Heights of Book Reviewing
Take a peek into the Headline offices, where bloggers were let loose on defenceless authors for the Headline Meets Online do on the 24th March.
26th March 2010

Warpcore SF Characters and Styles
There is more than one way to look at Warpcore SF. Customise this site with your favourite character or colour scheme,
1st October 2005

Fantasy and Science Fiction Crossword
A general science fiction and fantasy crossword.
4th August 2004

SF and Fantasy Crossword
A general SFF crossword.
30th June 2002