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Neil Gaiman at WFC

Neil Gaiman at a panel at WFC in Brighton in 2013

Neil Gaiman at WFC

"Do whatever the f**k you want to do!"

Neil Gaiman

Book Reviews

Anansi Boys cover    

Anansi Boys
5 star rating
Not even the offspring of a god can escape the shame of an embarrassing parent.
Released in 2005.

Coraline cover    

5 star rating
Coraline Jones is bored when she moves into a creepy old house full of odd old people, until she finds a hidden passage leading to a place where she can get all the attention she wants, if only she will pay the price.
Released in 2002.

Neil Gaiman writes comics and fantasy novels, and his work has been adapted into a number of films. His fiction is quirky and original, and he sometimes uses characters from various mythologies.

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