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Marianne de Pierres

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Crash Deluxe cover    

Crash Deluxe
5 star rating
Parrish Plessis sets out to take down the media in a future Australia where the gulf between rich and poor is vast. This is the third book in the series.
Released in 2005.

Code Noir cover    

Code Noir
5 star rating
Parrish Plessis is back, and she has already broken her resolution not to hit anyone.
Released in 2004.

Nylon Angel cover    

Nylon Angel
5 star rating
When you've met Parrish, you'll know why she's so hard to put down.
Released in 2004.

Marianne de Pierres is the Australian author responsible for creating Parrish Plessis, the all-round hard woman and saviour of the slums.

As Marianne Delacourt she writes contemporary paranormal novels featuring Tara Tasse.

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