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Lynn Flewelling

Book Reviews

Glimpses cover    

3 star rating
This collection of short stories and fan illustrations is based on the Nightrunner series of novels.
Released in 2010.

The Oracle    

The Oracle's Queen
5 star rating
The epic conclusion to the Tamir Triad sees a young queen fight to unite her country.
Released in 2006.

Hidden Warrior cover    

Hidden Warrior
5 star rating
The second book in the Tamir Triad.
Released in 2003.

The Bone Doll    

The Bone Doll's Twin
5 star rating
In the first book of the Tamir Triad a young prince is haunted by an unquiet spirit.
Released in 2001.


Traitor's Moon
3 star rating
Seregil and Alec engage in some complex politics in the land of dragons and magic.
Released in 1999.

Stalking Darkness cover    

Stalking Darkness
4 star rating
Seregil and Alec return for more thieving and spying in the second book of the Nightrunner series.
Released in 1997.

Luck in the Shadows cover    

Luck in the Shadows
4 star rating
A fantasy featuring Alec of Kerry and the roguish Seregil of Rhiminee. Book one of the Nightrunner series.
Released in 1996.

Lynn Flewelling wrote the Nightrunner series which brought us the irrepressible Seregil of Rhíminee. She also created the Tamir Triad series.

Lynn Flewelling's major characters

Seregil of Rhíminee

Seregil is a trickster and a consummate actor, as likely to get out of trouble with a disguise as by using his sword. But for all his outgoing bluster he's very tight-lipped about himself and his past.

Alec of Kerry

Alec is very skilled with a bow and loyal to his friends. He's young, easily embarrassed and a little naive, but surprisingly brave when it matters.


Tobin is the haunted young prince with a host of secrets who features in the Tamír Triad series. He is a little odd and unworldly, and neither bookish nor profligate, but he is determined to become a warrior like his father.

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