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Laurell K. Hamilton

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Kiss The Dead cover    

Kiss The Dead
3 star rating
Juggling vampire and shapeshifter relationships whilst hunting down fang-happy leaderless undead keeps Anita Blake busy in the 21st book in the series.
Released in 2012.

Bullet cover    

4 star rating
How can Anita Blake defeat the Mother of All Darkness, an ancient vampire with no body of her own?
Released in 2010.

Flirt cover    

4 star rating
Anita Blake has trouble on her hands after she refuses a request to raise a zombie.
Released in 2010.

Guilty Pleasures cover    

Guilty Pleasures
5 star rating
A woman who raises zombies is asked to investigate a serial killer who targets bloodsuckers. The first Anita Blake book.
Released in 1993.

Laurell K. Hamilton is the author of the series of paranormal romance novels featuring Meredith Gentry, as well as her series about the vampire hunter, Anita Blake. Her novels are often very saucy.

Unreviewed books

Crimson Death cover    
Crimson Death
A vampire hunter travels to Ireland to face a vampire who has kidnapped her friend. The twenty-fifth Anita Blake adventure.

Dead Ice cover    
Dead Ice
A zombie animator and US Marshall faces a case of zombie exploitation in which the zombies seem conscious. The twenty-fourth Anita Blake novel.

Affliction cover    
Anita Blake is called to investigate zombie attacks that leave victims with a rotting infection, whilst she juggles her increasingly complex love life. The twenty-second novel in the Anita Blake series.

Burnt Offerings cover    
Burnt Offerings
Anita Blake investigates a series of arson attacks on vampire businesses. The seventh Anita Blake novel.

The Killing Dance cover    
The Killing Dance
Anita Blake is finding it hard to choose between dating a vampire and a werewolf. But someone has put a contract out on her life, so her choice may not matter. The sixth Anita Blake novel.

The Lunatic Cafe cover    
The Lunatic Cafe
Anita is called on to look into a murder with the hallmarks of supernatural involvement, and a number of disappearances affecting the shapeshifting community. Meanwhile, dating a werewolf is proving problematic. The fourth Anita Blake book.

Circus Of The Damned cover    
Circus Of The Damned
When a man is murdered by vampires Anita Blake investigates, even though confronting the master vampire of the city could cost her her soul and her freedom. The third Anita Blake novel.

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