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John Beachem

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The Hunter And The Marked cover    

The Hunter And The Marked
4 star rating
A group of adventurers fight the jungle and each other in a quest to save their city from destruction. The second part of The Lorradda Stone.
Released in 2010.

Storms of Vengeance cover    

Storms of Vengeance
4 star rating
The first book in the epic fantasy series The Lorradda Stone.
Released in 2006.

John Beachem is an American author whose first epic fantasy novel was published in 2006.

An interview with John Beachem

John riffs on zombies, trilogies and his plans for The Lorradda Stone, and the Dumbledore and Gandalf deathmatch in this interview
on the 8th January 2011.

John Beachem

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