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Joe Abercrombie

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Red Country cover    

Red Country
4 star rating
A group of people strike westwards in search of justice, revenge, their abducted families, or simply a way to earn a living. A stand-alone novel set in the world of the First Law series.
Released in 2012.

Best Served Cold cover    

Best Served Cold
5 star rating
Revenge is on the agenda in this standalone novel set in the same world as the First Law trilogy.
Released in 2009.

Last Argument of Kings cover    

Last Argument of Kings
5 star rating
In the third book of The First Law the kingdom faces war. But Superior Glokta wants to know who is really pulling the strings.
Released in 2008.

Before They Are Hanged cover    

Before They Are Hanged
5 star rating
In the second episode of The First Law series some characters discover that the glory of war is not all they believed it would be.
Released in 2007.

The Blade Itself cover    

The Blade Itself
5 star rating
In the first episode of The First Law series some very different characters fight for truth, survival, or simply to look good.
Released in 2006.

Joe Abercrombie created The First Law trilogy, a dark and brutal take on epic fantasy.

Tim Lebbon and Joe 

Tim Lebbon and Joe Abercrombie at FantasyCon in 2012

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