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Jasper Fforde

Book Reviews

Shades of Grey cover    

Shades of Grey
5 star rating
In the future your colour vision determines your life chances. But Eddie Russet may have seen too clearly for his own good.
Released in 2010.

First Among Sequels cover    

First Among Sequels
4 star rating
Thursday Next wears many hats: wife, mother, carpet fitter and undercover literary agent. But can she cope with babysitting her fictional selves?
Released in 2007.

Lost In A Good Book cover    

Lost In A Good Book
5 star rating
Literary detective Thursday has to work out why the world is about to end in a blob of pink goo, and rescue her new husband, who has been eradicated from time.The second in the Thursday Next series.
Released in 2002.

The Eyre Affair cover    

The Eyre Affair
5 star rating
Fictional characters leap out of the page and start affecting reality in this literary adventure.
Released in 2001.

Jasper Fforde is the author of the humorous Thursday Next series, and the Nursery Crime books. His quirky brand of writing is full of puns and bizarre situations juxtaposed with literary references and subtle social commentary. His works have inspired the Fforde Ffiesta, a festival based in Swindon.

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