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iZombie: Repossession

by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred


There's something very satisfying, but also a little bit sad, about a great finale. It's sad because there's the implication that this is the end for this story and we won't be seeing those characters again, at least not in the same circumstances. I hope it's not too much of a spoiler to say that iZombie: Repossession does have a great ending, without being too specific about who survives it.

The fourth graphic novel in the iZombie series starts with the town of Eugene reeling from the effects of a zombie invasion. But things are about to get much worse as an apocalypse approaches in the form of Xitalu, a being from another dimension that's capable of consuming all the souls in the world. Gwen is in hiding because the streets aren't safe for the undead any more. There are trigger-happy troops mopping up the remains of the zombie outbreak, monster hunters targeting undead of any kind, and a monstrous brain in a jar who is trying to orchestrate some mad scheme and won't tolerate any kind of resistance. Then there's a centuries-old Egyptian who is planning to sacrifice one of Gwen's friends in order to help him survive the coming catastrophe.

Gwen has some difficult choices ahead of her. She could stave off the destruction of the world by sacrificing everyone in Eugene, or she could try to save her friends and put the whole world at risk. The mad scientist Galatea is convinced she can control the transdimensional horror, even though she can barely control her minions and she struggles to control her own temper.

So there's a lot going on, even before we get to the romantic threads between various characters. There's quite a sweet gay romance. And for Ellie, the ghost who can't even touch anyone, there's poignancy as she tries to work her way around her tactile handicap.

Unlike the other three volumes, this graphic novel isn't awash with new characters. However it is where all the crises and mysteries come to a head, so it's quite frantic and a touch melodramatic. It's also fairly light-hearted. There are a couple of guest artists for some sections, but although their style is more simplified than Michael Allred's it still keeps the colourful, playful tone of the other books. This is a great ending to an entertaining series.

5th March 2013

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Year: 2012

Categories: Books

  Female Protagonist  

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