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Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov (1920-1992) was a prolific science fiction writer. Russian born but raised in the United States, he studied and taught chemistry before he became a full-time author. Asimov devised the Three Laws of Robotics, perhaps his most well-known contribution to science fiction literature.

Book Reviews

The Rest Of The Robots cover    

The Rest Of The Robots
4 star rating
In this collection of stories Isaac Asimov examines the implications of a future dominated by sophisticated robots.
Released in 1964.

Earth Is Room Enough cover    

Earth Is Room Enough
5 star rating
A collection of short science fiction and fantasy stories.
Released in 1957.

The Currents of Space cover    

The Currents of Space
4 star rating
A man with amnesia remembers that the planet is doomed. But will anyone believe him?
Released in 1955.

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