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To Dye For cover

To Dye For by Alden Wicker

5 star rating
An examination of the impact the dyes, preservatives, surface treatments and other chemicals in our clothes have on our health and on the environment, and what we can do about it.

3rd August 2023

For The Throne cover

For The Throne by Hannah Whitten

4 star rating
A queen is trapped in a magical netherworld as she tries to find a way to defeat the forces that have upended her world, and as she makes an uneasy alliance with a rogue king who brought her there. The second novel in the Wilderwood series.

12th September 2023

Malice cover

Malice by Heather Walter

5 star rating
Alyce is a Dark Grace, tolerated for her magical abilities but reviled by many in the superficial Briar queendom, where an ancient curse condemns princesses to an early grave if they fail to find true love. The first novel in the Malice duology.

5th September 2023

For The Wolf cover

For The Wolf by Hannah Whitten

4 star rating
Red enters an enchanted forest because she believes she must sacrifice herself to protect the family and country she has left behind as part of a magical pact. But things are not quite as they seem. The first novel in the Wilderwood series.

14th September 2022

Space Sweepers cover

Space Sweepers directed by Sung-hee Jo

3 star rating
The crew of a spaceship that collects space trash find themselves in trouble when a cute young stowaway arrives. But is she a child, or the deadly robot she is accused of being?

4th July 2022

Find Your SFF Tribe On Mastodon

How to find the people who are talking about speculative fiction and books on the Fediverse.
15th November 2022

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Recently reviewed older releases

The Silver Tide cover
The Silver Tide by Jen Williams
4 star rating
The reckless Black Feather Three embark on an adventure to a cursed island in search of treasure and answers, but they find themselves meddling with gods and magic best left alone. The third part of the Copper Cat Trilogy.
Released in 2016.

26th October 2023

Evermore cover
Evermore by C. J. Archer
5 star rating
Spirit medium Emily is faced with losing her beloved ghost, Jacob, along with her only income, unless she can solve the mystery of the fading spirit world and disappearing ghosts. The third book in the Emily Chambers Spirit Medium trilogy.
Released in 2012.

13th August 2023

Possession cover
Possession by C. J. Archer
5 star rating
A rogue spirit is possessing the souls of the living in London, causing havoc. Emily must find the culprit, save her friends, and deal with the grief of falling in love with a ghost. The second volume in the Emily Chambers Spirit Medium Trilogy.
Released in 2012.

7th August 2023

Bloodfire cover
Bloodfire by Helen Harper
4 star rating
When Mack was young her mother left her with a pack of shifters in Cornwall, to raise as their own. When a vile murder disrupts their rural life, Mack must carefully hide her identity and keep everyone else safe, while she tries to solve the mystery.
Released in 2012.

4th August 2023

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