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Guillermo del Toro

Film Reviews

Hellboy II: The Golden Army cover    

Hellboy II: The Golden Army
4 star rating
An elvish prince attempts to raise an unstoppable army to destroy mankind.
Released in 2008.


Pan's Labyrinth
4 star rating
In the Spain of 1944 young Ofelia finds a kingdom of fairies and magic.
Released in 2006.

Hellboy cover    

4 star rating
Big, red, hellish and likes kittens seeks similar for warmth and friendship.
Released in 2004.

Book Reviews

The Night Eternal cover    

The Night Eternal
4 star rating
The last remnants of mankind battle to defeat the vampire plague whilst staying true to their humanity. The third part of The Strain trilogy.
Released in 2011.

The Fall cover    

The Fall
5 star rating
Vampires threaten the future of the human race in this sequel to The Strain.
Released in 2010.

The Mexican director Guillermo del Toro's films often include strong elements of fantasy. He has also written a trilogy of horror novels in collaboration with Chuck Hogan.

Unreviewed works

Pacific Rim cover    
Pacific Rim
When alien monsters emerge from the Pacific and start destroying cities, mankind sends giant robots piloted by neuro-connected soldiers to fight them.

Blade II cover    
Blade II
The vampire hunter teams up with his enemies to take on a new kind of vampire.

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