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Greg Bear

Greg Bear is a prolific writer of hard sf, but he also turns his hand to more populist work.

Book Reviews

Vitals cover    

3 star rating
Who wouldn't want to live forever?
Released in 2002.


Darwin's Radio
4 star rating
A biologist and a palaeontologist uncover evidence that suggests evolution does not happen the way we believe it to.
Released in 1999.

Dinosaur Summer cover    

Dinosaur Summer
3 star rating
In this sequel to The Lost World, a young man and his father accompany a travelling dinosaur circus.
Released in 1998.

Unreviewed books

Queen Of Angels cover    
Queen Of Angels
A public defender is tasked with bringing in a poet and mass murderer. Meanwhile, computers at Alpha Centauri and on Earth look for life and contemplate self-awareness and the soul. The first novel in the Queen Of Angels series.

Eternity cover    
Earth has recovered from an apocalypse. But whilst some can have immortality, it is not available for all in this story spanning the far future, spaceships, and advanced extra-dimensional civilisations. Book two of The Way.

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