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A Wilderness of Glass cover    
A Wilderness of Glass
A flute playing seaweed gatherer comes across an injured merman and child on the shore, in this romantic novella. This is a stand-alone story set in the World of the Wraith Kings.

In The Darkest Midnight cover    
In The Darkest Midnight
A timid young noble lady marked with a prominent birthmark lives in fear of mockery, until a swordmaster promises to teach her a few things. A novella set in the Wraith Kings universe.

The Undying King cover    
The Undying King
Imogen is cursed with a touch fatal to other people, and believes she will never marry. Then she hears a legend of an immortal king living in a hidden land, who may be able to break her curse.

The Brush of Black Wings cover    
The Brush of Black Wings
On a trip to the woods, Martise comes across an ancient temple and reawakens a dangerous power. This novella is a sequel to Master of Crows.

Wyvern cover    
When her village is terrorised by a wyvern, a woman with a talent for the fiddle is sent to appease the beast, to keep the mob from attacking her sick grandfather. But something about the creature intrigues Elsbeth, in this romantic fantasy novella.

Grace Draven

Grace Draven is an American author who specialises in romantic fantasy. Her series include the Wraith King books, featuring novels and novellas, the Master of Crows series, the Fallen Empire series, and the Bonekeeper Chronicles. As well as writing in series, she has also written a number of stand-alone books.

Grace Draven has published both independently and through a large publishing house. Her works of fantasy romance are often on the steamier side, with a strong focus on both relationships and family life, and they frequently feature nobles and royals.

Book Reviews

Eidolon cover    

4 star rating
A very different couple face the imminent destruction of their world as demons move in, and they wonder if impending doom will rob them of love as well as everything else. The second in the Wraith Kings series.
Released in 2015.

Radiance cover    

5 star rating
Two minor royals marry to secure an alliance between their countries, although they find each other hideous and others will scheme to tear them apart. The first novel in the Wraith Kings series.
Released in 2015.

Entreat Me cover    

Entreat Me
4 star rating
A pair of sisters deal with a cursed lord and his heir in their isolated castle in this fantasy romance which has echoes of Beauty and the Beast.
Released in 2013.

Master Of Crows cover    

Master Of Crows
4 star rating
A scribe is sent to spy on a renegade mage in order to win her freedom, but his secret struggle against a wicked god could ruin them both. The first book in the Master of Crows series.
Released in 2009.

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