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Symphony of War Declared
The second novel in the Kaddon Keys series is available in ebook.

WFC 2013
Impressions from the World Fantasy Convention held in Brighton in 2013.

Threat Of Massive Closures To Lincolnshire Libraries
Lincolnshire County Council plan to shut down two thirds of Lincolnshire libraries, and to slash mobile library services. They must be stopped.

The BFS Award Nominations, And A Hiatus
This is possibly the best kind of jury duty there is.

FantasyCon 2012
The annual convention of the BFS at Brighton was the first convention to feature a dance-off between Joe Abercrombie and Tom Pollock. It may not be the last.

The In-Between Musical
A new fantasy musical concept album launches, but will Laura Tisdall get to put it on the stage?

SFF Imprints Launching
Berkley UK will debut, and Elsewhen Press is to expand into print.

Novacon 41
The 41st Novacon convention, held in Nottingham, featured John Meaney as Guest of Honour.

Lincoln Book Festival 2011
YA authors in costume, steamy paranormal romance, and eye-popping visual appeal from the 2011 Lincoln Book Festival.

Eastercon 2011
Pictures from the 62nd Illustrious Eastercon at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham.

An Interview With John Beachem
John riffs on zombies, trilogies and his plans for The Lorradda Stone, and the Dumbledore and Gandalf deathmatch in this interview.

British Fantasy Awards 2010
Pictures and results from the award ceremony of the British Fantasy Society.

The Heady Heights of Book Reviewing
Take a peek into the Headline offices, where bloggers were let loose on defenceless authors for the Headline Meets Online do on the 24th March.

Genre for Japan

23rd March 2011

Genre for Japan logo  
It's been pretty hard to watch the news from Japan in recent days. With a triple-whammy of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster the Japanese people have had a terrible amount to deal with.

This is where Genre for Japan comes in. A group of people from the science fiction, fantasy and horror community have got together to organise an auction in aid of the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal. Amanda Rutter of Floor to Ceiling Books, editor Jenni Hill from Solaris Books, author Louise Morgan, Ro Smith of In Search of the Happiness Max and the editor of Hub magazine Alasdair Stuart joined forces to organise this. What's more, they've managed to involve many of the leading publishers in the industry in short order, as well as a host of genre writers and artists. The list of supporters and friends already reads like a who's who of modern science fiction and fantasy publishing, so there should be some very tasty lots on offer.


Genre writing doesn't lend itself very well to auctioning off the right have a minor character named after you, but that hasn't curbed the enthusiasm or the generosity of people donating prizes. Here are a few of the goodies on offer:
  • Signed, first editions and/or limited editions of books by Dan Abnett, WIll Hill, Lauren Beukes, Sam Sykes, Sophia McDougall, Stephen Deas.
  • Signed artwork by Frazer Irving.
  • Romanitas artwork by Sophia McDougall.
More lots will be revealed over the next few days. Bidding opens on Monday, 28th March.

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