Science fiction and fantasy


by Laurell K. Hamilton

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Every professional faces unreasonable clients once in a while. For necromancer and vampire hunter Anita Blake it's not the impossible deadlines and requests to work nights that give her that sinking feeling. Her awkward clients are more likely to ask her to raise zombies. But these zombies wouldn't end up being any comfort to a bereaved relative, and sometimes Anita just has to tell people "no".

As a comfort from the stresses of her job, Anita relaxes after work by watching the many men in her life flirt. But as a sought-after expert in the otherworldly she can never truly let her guard down. When a couple of werelions turn up and start making threats she's out of the reach of her support network. They seem to have the means to back up their threats. With only herself to rely on Anita must find out what their plans are for her, and get herself out of a dangerous situation. But the people she loves are being used as leverage against her, so she has to step carefully.

Laurell K. Hamilton writes with an uninhibited abandon, and Flirt is supercharged with sexual tension. Anita Blake already has more than her fair share of attractive men in her life, but there always seems to be room for a few more.

Anita also has a varied supernatural makeup, resulting in a wide range of powers and also weaknesses. She's like a paranormal pick 'n' mix, with a bit of everything in there. There are so many different influences on her we're left wondering how much of her human side is left. It all adds up to a brilliantly escapist romp, full of lusty men and strangeness and unexpected passions. We never quite know whether she's going to kiss or kill.

This is a short book, and it's likely to be a fast read thanks to its accessible style and taut plotting. The story's main downside is its brevity. Yet like a good flirt it's sexy fun that will leave readers with an appetite for more without demanding very much in return.

21st June 2010

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Year of release: 2010

Categories: Books
Female Protagonist

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