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These random science fiction and fantasy generators range from the sensible to the absurd. They are tools for generating story ideas, names, and various other gubbins to help inspire your fiction. Use them to spark your creativity or simply for the fun of it.

Random Quest Generator
This is a tool for all the roleplayers to enjoy: it generates fantasy quests, with over 10 million unique variations.
21st September 2012

Random Book Title Generator
Random book titles to inspire you in your quest to find the perfect one for your work in progress.
1st April 2012

SFF Characters
This tool will help give you ideas for characters for RPGs and science fiction, fantasy and horror stories.
28th September 2011

TechnoBabbage is a linguistic difference engine that generates steam-powered technobabble.
19th May 2011

Superpower Generator
Find your ideal superpower with this generator.
20th April 2011

Prophecy Generator
What fantasy would be complete without omens, dire portents and signs?
21st January 2011

Anthropomorphic Personification Plots
A generator for all those times when Death on a pale horse seems too old hood.
31st October 2010

Paranormal Romance Plot Generator
Crank it up, and it churns out tales of forbidden love between vampires and humans, secret trysts between fae and ogre, or love that lasts beyond the grave.
10th May 2010

Fantasy Name Generator II
This version generates names based on words or names you input.
19th May 2008

Monster Generator
This random generator suggests monster characters for you to use in your fiction, roleplaying games, or for a few minutes amusement when you're really supposed to be working.
22nd March 2007

McGuffin Generator
Generates those McGuffins which science fiction writers love so much.
5th January 2006

Science Fiction Plot Generator
This random plot generator creates unlikely plots suitable for science fiction stories.
27th August 2005

Fantasy Plot Generator
A random plot generator that churns out ideas for fantasy stories.
22nd February 2005

Fantasy Name Generator I
Are you writing your new fantasy epic, but finding it hard to choose just the right name for your characters? Well this definitely won't help.
1st November 2004


Sometimes I like to commit science fiction, and you can read some of the incriminating evidence here.

A novelist is faced with poverty and ruin when her work becomes obsolete. How will she fight the vast corporate machine and get back on top?

Fear of Man
Vint is imprisoned, accused of no longer being human. A short science fiction story about genetic engineering.