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Fantasy Plot Generator

So, you always wanted to write a fantasy novel, but just can't seem to think up a suitable plot? Well this won't help, but you can have a little fun and claim that it's for research. Many of these plots will be absurd, but the occasional usable one will slip through. I'm afraid that can't be helped.

Male Protagonist

Female Protagonist

Here are some generated earlier:

A cultured king is imprisoned in a dilapidated cathedral. His brother is enslaved by a feral witch. With the help of an undead mage, he must become a vampire in order to avert disaster and save his universe.

A accursed monk is living in a grand plain. His family is killed by an undead wolf. With the help of a cultured talking dog, he must uncover a secret in order to avert disaster and save his world.

A pretty thief is impersonating royalty in a humid field. Her neighbour is eaten by an invisible dragon. With the help of a mad flower girl, she must risk life and limb in battle in order to avert disaster and save her family.

How to use this tool

A plot isn't a story. It's more like a roadmap to a story, with the edges nothing but scraps, quite a few blank spots, and some sections marked with nothing more than "Here be dragons". A plot generator isn't meant to write your story for you, but it does give you some prompts about the direction it could go in, and some of the landmarks on the way.

To turn a plot outline into a story, you need to answer a few more questions. Below are just a few examples of the types of questions a storyteller will need to answer to turn an outline into something magical. These fit roughly into two categories:

The big picture

  1. What does this story mean?
  2. What are the main themes?
  3. What does the main character learn from the journey they go on during this story?
  4. Does the main character learn the same lesson that the reader does, and is it what they should have learned if they weren't flawed, and if they had all the facts in front of them?
  5. Who, if anyone, is the real villain, and why?
  6. How are the characters flawed, and what are their strengths?
  7. How do the flaws (especially) and strengths of the characters relate to the meaning and themes of the story?
  8. What moral lesson is the reader meant to take from this story?

The fine detail

  1. What does everyone look like?
  2. What are the names of the main characters?
  3. Where do they live, and what does it look, sound, smell and taste like?
  4. What clothes do they wear, what weapons do they wield, what money do they use, and how do they get around?
  5. What kind of language do they use, and what characterises their individual ways of speaking?
  6. What do they believe and how does this affect their behaviour?
  7. What personalities do all of the characters have?
  8. What secrets are they all keeping?
  9. What's up with that strange smell, feeling, sound, or object the main character noticed early on in the story?