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Enchanted begins as an old-style Disney cartoon fairytale, complete with helpful woodland animals and a wicked queen with a temper as evil as her dress sense. Young Giselle is rescued from a troll by a handsome Prince Edward, who just happens by in time to save her. She's the only eligible woman he's met in a while because his stepmother, the queen, has contrived to keep him away from women in the hope that he won't marry.

So, inevitably, Giselle and Edward plan to get married the very next day. Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) does not want to lose her throne, so she tricks Giselle and pushes her down a magical portal into the real world. Giselle emerges into New York City with nothing but a massive crinoline dress and some daft ideas.

Giselle is quite slow to catch on to the inherent nastiness of life in the Big Apple, where no-one is keen to help her out and people think she's got a screw loose. Fortunately for her she bumps into a cynical divorce lawyer who is just enough of a soft touch to take pity on her. Robert Philip has a daughter, Morgan, who is just the right age to appreciate princesses.

Giselle is the ray of sunshine that Robert has been missing from his life. She's given to singing, dancing, making fancy dresses from the curtains and getting critters to help her with chores. The film is almost a musical, featuring some cheerful and colourful songs.

Giselle isn't the only fairytale character to come to New York, and she's soon followed by the slightly simple Prince Edward and the conniving Nathaniel. Whilst the Prince tries to find his betrothed, Nathaniel is doing his best to put him off the scent whilst pretending to help in the search.

Meanwhile, Robert's relationship with his long-time girlfriend has to bear the strain of the presence of a princess. If he throws Giselle out on the street it may keep his girlfriend happy, but could he live with himself?

Enchanted is a silly, romantic, feelgood film that will appeal most of all to fans of princesses, singing chipmunks and the colour pink. True love is the main theme, but don't expect anything too profound on that score. It's mildly amusing, but it misses out on being laugh-out-loud funny by parodying something that was never meant to be taken seriously in the first place. So whilst this is a story that could keep some children entertained for its duration, parents and babysitters will find it less worthwhile.

25th January 2008

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Year: 2007

Categories: Films

  Kids     Fantasy

Classification: PG

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3 star rating

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