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Elizabeth Moon

Elizabeth Moon has written a number of works of science fiction, including space opera series such as the Serrano Legacy and Vatta's War. Her books often have a military aspect.

Book Reviews

Trading in Danger cover    

Trading in Danger
3 star rating
The first in the Vatta's War series.
Released in 2003.

Speed of Dark cover    

Speed of Dark
4 star rating
In the near future, someone has invented a cure for autism. But is this really a good thing for the last autistics?
Released in 2002.

Unreviewed books

Against The Odds cover    
Against The Odds
Whilst the Fleet is racked by mutiny a trading ship takes on a mysterious fugitive in this space adventure. Book seven of the Serrano Legacy.

Sporting Chance cover    
Sporting Chance
The crew of an interstellar yacht have to transport a young prince in secret. But they are drawn into an intrigue when they realise all is not right with the young royal.

Hunting Party cover    
Hunting Party
A young space officer is forced to leave the military and take her chances piloting a civilian spacecraft. The first book of the Serrano Legacy.

Oath Of Gold cover    
Oath Of Gold
A young woman must heal from serious injuries and be heroic. Book three of The Deed Of Paksenarrion.

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