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Douglas Thompson

Douglas Thompson is a Scottish author of science fiction and slipstream novels and short stories. His style is unconventional, mixing up philosophical views of the future with storytelling that's often quite brutal.

Book Reviews

Entanglement cover    

4 star rating
Quantum entanglement allows astronauts to explore the galaxy and make first contact with bizarre extraterrestrial civilisations.
Released in 2012.

Mechagnosis cover    

4 star rating
Have you ever felt that machines were in charge of your life, instead of helping to make it easier?
Released in 2012.

Apoidea cover    

4 star rating
In a world without real bees, who will control their robot replacements?
Released in 2011.

Sylvow cover    

4 star rating
A brother and sister promise to look after the plants and animals. But does Mother Nature care to return the favour?
Released in 2010.

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