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Death Star Pumpkin

27th October 2011

David: "It's your turn to carve the pumpkin."

Me: "No, it isn't!"

David: "Yes it is. I did it the last 3 years running."

Me [shuffling away]: "Oh. It doesn't really have to be carved, does it...?"

David: "Last year you said you'd carve a Death Star."

Star Wars-obsessed son: "A Death Star!!! Cool!!!" [Jumps up and down]

Me: "Crap."

Death Star Pumpkin  

My Pumpkin

And so it was that a flippant remark I made last year turned into a bit of an art project. Click on the image for a bigger picture. It took me longer than I thought it would, most of which was time spent scooping out the insides, but I'm glad I did in the end. I don't think it's a work of art, but I have to say it's better than the usual jagged-tooth smiles and triangle eyes I normally do.

The pattern isn't really true to the actual Death Star, since it's so complex. The internet came to my assistance, and in particular this tutorial was really helpful. If I had actually followed it properly the result would be so much better. For starters I needed a rounder pumpkin (though I didn't have much choice about that), and I don't think I would have cut such a deep hole for the laser circle.

Better ones

It turns out there's a whole community dedicated to carving cool pumpkins. Websites like Fantasy Pumpkins and The Pumpkin Wizard showcase some astonishingly detailed work, as well as offering advice and tutorials to get you going.

Ray Villafane creates fantastic pumpkin heads as well as sand art and sculptures from toys. Scott Cummins is more vegetable-focused, and he's created sculptures of famous faces from film, TV and history, including one of Yoda. So there's plenty of inspiration out there. What will you carve?

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