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Blood Style Style of Kyra
Style of Quorrick Style of Vivienne
Nebulous Style Sulphur Style
Style of Kreela Large Style of Kreela
Style of Simon 140 Dark Swirl Style
Style of Ammeral Style of Kyra

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Thanks for that reference, Mel. There are so many older Star Wars spin-off stories that have been de ...
Ros Jackson on Rogue One (2016)

Dark Forces is the real story. This is a knock off. Katarn and Ors stole the plans. ...
Mel M on Rogue One (2016)

I read books 1-6 and am looking for books 7-8 . Also Artemis fowl is not dating but on the spur o ...
elaina deeter on Artemis Fowl (2001)

Hi Concerned, sorry about the delay in approving this post and replying, and thanks for offering you ...
Ros Jackson on Entangled (2010)

I read this book understanding that he wrote it with the guidance of entities contacted through sham ...
Concerned Granny on Entangled (2010)

Thanks, Emlyn. I've left a rating on Goodreads, but I don't do Amazon. They have some pecu ...
Ros Jackson on Along The Watchtower (2013)

Great and insightful review, Ros. I, too, always prefer realistic fiction to fantasy, but loved how ...
Emlyn Chand on Along The Watchtower (2013)

Thanks for your comment, Tallulah. I agree that Frederick's trials seemed to be priming us to e ...
Ros Jackson on Along The Watchtower (2013)

The real life side of Along the Watchtower was better than I expected. I could really sympathize wit ...
Tallulah A. on Along The Watchtower (2013)

I still stand by this review, because the author's homophobia doesn't diminish the quality ...
Ros Jackson on Ender's Game (1985)

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