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Christopher Nolan

Film Reviews

Inception cover    

5 star rating
An idea can change everything in this thriller about dream infiltrators.
Released in 2010.

The Dark Knight cover    

The Dark Knight
5 star rating
In the second instalment of Christian Bale's take on Batman, the caped vigilante of Gotham City takes on The Joker.
Released in 2008.

Batman Begins cover    

Batman Begins
5 star rating
The story of the origins of the Dark Knight is retold.
Released in 2005.

Christopher Nolan is a director who first rose to prominence when he directed Batman Begins in 2005. He sometimes shares scriptwriting credits with his brother Jonathan Nolan.

Unreviewed films

The Prestige cover    
The Prestige
A pair of rival magicians in nineteenth century London are obsessed with trying to uncover the secrets behind their best tricks.

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