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Warpcore SF Characters and Styles

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Kreela comes from a species of advanced aliens who value hard work, social conformity and adherence to a strict belief system. Kreela values easy money, rules that can be bent when it suits, and the survival of the smartest. Naturally she had to get out.

A thief by profession, Kreela is fun-loving and uninhibited, especially when it comes to other people's things. The little box in her hand is the electronic equivalent of a skeleton key, more useful than a lock-pick in the digital age.

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A lesser demon, Kenssie has power over secrets. She can smell them in the air, and loves nothing better than to compel people to reveal theirs at the most embarrassing moments.

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Favourite colour: gold
Favourite metal: gold
Hobby: collecting gold
Vice: piratin'

Character illustration by David J.E. Hall.

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As a demonology student at Crowley College, Durham, Vivienne Kingsley is about to fail badly. She just can't seem to focus on her studies, which she views as rather stuffy and staid, whilst there are so many other(worldly) things to distract her.

And whilst other students rack up debts to the bank, Vivienne owes rather more than mere money as the cost of living through her student years takes its toll. She owes her soul, and it's one debt she isn't keen to honour.

Character illustration by David J.E. Hall.

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